St. Joseph’s Outreach (SJO) formed through the efforts of a group of young adult Catholic laity, belonging to the diocese of Paterson, NJ.  Our mission is to build faith in the community through the power of prayer and create or strengthen relationships with the local parish - one soul at a time.  We are a registered non-profit organization in the state of NJ and a registered 501c3 charity with the federal government.  We are dedicated to using our talents, resources and skills to building faith in the community, specifically through prayer & witness.  

We are an international group as our workforce is located in the U.S.A. & The Philippines.  The SJO Board of Trustees includes Derek Gazal (Chairman of The Board), Karl Schlegel III (Secretary), and Trevor Jones (Treasurer).  SJO is dedicated to sharing God’s love through prayer and witness with the community at large.  We gather prayer intentions daily via phone, social media, and/or through our website.  We pray for everyone (regardless of religion, race, nationality or social status) who has entrusted their prayers with us.  In addition, we partner with churches and charities to tend to the needs of those with whom we are uniting with in prayer.  When possible we coordinate Holy Mass to be offered for any given beneficiary of our mission at a church located near them.  We seek to encourage all to believe and experience the transforming power of a personal relationship with our divine creator and become active in the universal and local church.

We offer mass weekly at our call center.  In addition to personal and partnership prayer offerings of those individuals and groups whom have committed to joining us in prayer, we implore the intercession of our patron saint, St. Joseph – The Worker, to help us with the mission God has entrusted us with. 

Please pray for us.